Your Pet Is Trying To Tell You Something

When it comes to veterinary care for our pets, nothing is more important than listening to what our four-legged friends have to say.

This is why I am always very attentive when a client stops by the practice to tell me how their animal reacted to our care.

Whether it’s feline patients purring with delight at the thought of being treated by our veterinary team or canine patients furiously wagging their tails in appreciation, every interaction with a patient says a lot about the importance we place on our four-legged friends.

So if you’re looking for veterinary care that goes the extra mile, listen carefully to what your pet is telling you.

Because when it comes to taking care of your animals, we take your pets’ comments very seriously here at Cabinet Vétérinaire International. And your pet will undoubtedly thank us for it!

Hear our clients describe how their pets tell them what they think of us:

“I have never seen a dog running to the vet”

“Usually she runs away instead of running to the door.

She found her way here from the parking lot!

“Swift is Your Biggest Fan and Loves to Bring Himself From the Car Park ahead and Wait by Your Front Door to be Left in.”

“Despite Having Undergone Two Major Knee Surgeries and Another Major Orthopedic Operation on a Leg”

“He’s gone back to his former self…

He very much enjoys coming here.

So much so that when we pass the building, he begins to wag his tail and pulls us to come and see you”.

Cordy Received Better Care Than Most Humans”

Cordy had major surgery, he was under anesthesia all day. And he came out and wanted to play.

It’s just, it’s just crazy how amazing it was.

vétérinaire de garde genève

So I’m just here to say that we have Cordy because of this clinic because of Dr. Omaboe.

And I highly recommend it because Cordy has never suffered at all.

I want to point out that Cordy received some of the best care I have ever seen received.

I’ve told a lot of my friends about this and when I relate what Cordy has been through for the past six weeks, I tell them that he received better care than most human beings.

They just thought of Cordy incredibly.

They just took everything about him into consideration and just took the best care of him.

Evidence is in them (my dogs). They are happy so I’m happy:-)

I found you through friends…

The clinic is good, and easy to access.

The dogs don’t mind coming here at all. I don’t have to force them out of the car. …

(at other vets) I had to climb into the car and pull them out because they would retreat ate the no-open door side.

Evidence is in them (my dogs).

They are happy so I’m happy.

“I was surprised that she walked up to you (after you made her vomit several times) and kissed you…”

She was a little scared at first but since you are so gentle with animals I was surprised that she walked up to you (after you made her vomit several times) and kissed you…

It was great for her…

Maxi ate raisins, which I realized weren’t good for and I wanted to make sure that she was okay. 

I think the service was really great.

In fact, we called very late at night and weren’t sure, and then you call back, which was really nice to say how much did she eat and then said it’s probably better just to bring her in and see.

The treatment she was giving them was great.

Maxi et sa propriétaire

 So it was a was great for her.

It’s a very professional atmosphere.

It’s very calm.

Everybody’s really nice.

She seems fine here

“This is Mabel. Mabel loves coming here, she loves her doctor and she gets amazing care”

“This is Foster and he loves coming to visit Dr. Omaboe and his wonderful team here at Cabinet Vétérinaire International!”

“This is Maggy loves coming here”

There is a good atmosphere.

vétérinaire de garde

And frankly, a lot of dogs I’ve had before were afraid to come to the vet.

But she shows no sign of fear here.

“I’m so satisfied that I can’t add anything to this review!”