Cabinet Vétérinaire International

15 Min from the Center of Geneva and 15 Min from Nyon

The Cabinet Vétérinaire International has been available 24 hours a day for more than 32 years for the Geneva and la Côte region.

Our Clients Are Our Best Ambassadors

In our-veterinary practice, we take great pride in our recently renovated facilities.

Not only are these facilities spacious and filled with natural light, but they are also equipped with state-of-the-art equipment that allows us to provide the best care to our clients and their beloved pets.

However, for us, the real reward for our work is to see the pure joy and contentment that comes from providing top-notch care.

We are not a factory. 

We never consider clients and animals as mere numbers or commodities; each patient has a unique story and a set of individual needs that must be carefully considered and addressed.

Through our Petcentric Care™, we truly consider each client to be part of our veterinary family.

And it is thanks to the enthusiastic testimonials of our customers that we know that we are on the right track and that we are doing a good job.

Among others, we serve clients from:1290 Versoix, Mies, Commugny, Tannay, Founex, Coppet, Chavanne-des-bois, Chavannes-de-Bogis, Collex-Bossy, Genthod, Crans-pré-Céligny, Crassier, Eysins, Signy-avenex, Bellevue, Prégny-chambésy, 1290 Chavannes-des-Bois, Nyon, Arnex-sur-Nyon, Borex, Grens, Chéserex, Gland, Rolle, Morges, Geneva, Cologny…

Whether you are looking for a new animal hospital, a veterinary practice, or an emergency veterinary clinic for a sudden veterinary emergency, we invite you to listen to what our clients have to say about their experiences at our veterinary service before you make your decision – you won’t regret it!


Animals are even better taken care of than human beings (...) That evening, she had trouble walking and was even dying... Now she's fine again, you saved her for me.

"I'm so satisfied that I can't add anything!"

The doctor has good results with the care he gives to the dogs and the welcome is really great!

"We came urgently here because he was in pain and..."

He was practically paralyzed from behind...And then he developed epilepsy.

"Flashy had been sick all her life"

By using homeopathy and acupuncture, he restored her health. She's out of trouble and she's happier than she's ever been

"Cordy received better care than most humans"

It's just crazy how amazing it was!

"It's been fantastic because you get absolutely everything!"

It's 24 hours a day! You can call at any time, which I have experienced several times.

"He has become himself again... He really likes coming here."

"Despite having undergone two major knee surgeries and another major orthopedic operation on a leg: He's back to being himself...He really likes coming here. So much so that when we pass the building, he starts to wag his tail and pulls us to come and see you."

"He was under anesthesia all day and he came out of it wanting to play."

"Cordy underwent major surgery. He was under anesthetic all day and he came out of it wanting to play."

"He loves visiting Dr. Omaboe"

and his wonderful team here at Cabinet Veterinaire International.

"I really appreciate that we can do acupuncture, bioresonance and homeopathy on animals as on human beings.. that's great."

What I prefer at Cabinet Vétérinaire International is their welcome and their availability… each person (of the team is) very concerned about the animal. They explain to me what it is and they give me options...and I really appreciate that we can do acupuncture, bioreonance and homeopathy on animals just as on human beings …that's great.

"I liked the care given to my animal and I found the team to be very professional."

My dog ​​had pain in a paw. I found the Cabinet Vétérinary International and went there because it is always open. I liked the care that was given to my animal and I found the team very professional.

"Finally at Dr. Nortey (Dr. Omaboe) we tested something else that worked much better"

My dog ​​had an eye problem. We went to someone else (another veterinarian) before, who advised us of extremely intensive care. Every 15 minutes we had to administer drops in his eye. It was stressful and disabling for the dog. Finally at Dr Nortey (Dr Omaboe) we tested something else that worked much better and contrary to what we had been told elsewhere, my dog ​​did not become blind. Now everything is fine and he no longer needs eye drops. I find the Cabinet Vétérinaire International extremely fast, professional and open all the time. I have found that they not only take great care of the animals but are also very supportive of pet owners which was important to me.

"If the first time in 2018 we had stayed here (at Cabinet Vétérinaire International) and listened to the Doctor (Dr Omaboe), our dog wouldn't have suffered 2 years of horrible scratching"

We first came here (to Cabinet Vétérinaire International) and did not follow Dr. Omaboe's recommendations.
Then we went to other clinics and saw a dermatologist… and nothing helped.
Then finally when we lost hope we came back to this clinic and the doctor (Dr Omaboe) helped us with his treatment. So we learned something…if the first time in 2018 we had stayed here (at Cabinet Vétérinaire International) and listened to the Doctor (Dr Omaboe), our dog wouldn't have suffered 2 years of horrible itching.

  • 5 star review  
    Excellent diagnostic et bons conseils. Équipe très sympathique et à l’écoute. Je n’ai pas eu de problème à obtenir un rendez vous le soir à 23:00 heures et un autre... read more

    thumb Cédric Burgauer

    5 star review  
    Je suis tres reconnaissante a ce medecin veterinaire qui m a sauvé mon petit lapin nain belier qu un autre veto voulait euthanasie et aussi les bons soinsbs

    thumb Gisèle Vadi

    5 star review  
    Le 8 juin 2021 je suis allee pour la première foi chez le Dr Omaboe Nortey.
    A ma grande surprise Nala à pas été stressée comme par habitude et cela viens... read more

    thumb ERICA Ebener

    5 star review  
    Je peux conseiller à tout le monde

    thumb Lionel Dupuis

    5 star review  
    Excellente empathie tant pour nous et notre compagnon. Hyper professionnel, grâce au diagnostic précis réalisé par des analyses effectuées sur place, par le Dr Omaboe, ma chienne a reçu un... read more

    thumb Fab Uleu

    5 star review  Since I started coming here, I've had no anxiety about where I'm going to go if my dog has a problem at 2 o'clock in the morning.
    Thank you so much... read more

    thumb Sarah Enton

    5 star review  My family and I would highly recommend Dr. Omaboe for any medical issues for your pets. We have 2 seniors dogs and has been sick of different reasons and one... read more

    thumb Ramon Concepcion

    5 star review  Dear Everyone!

    My name is Maximova Elena.

    I am dog expert-cynologist with 34 years of experience in the field.
    There are three dogs-English Mastiffs and five cats of various breeds in our household.
    I... read more

    thumb Mastiffs Mastiffs

    5 star review  Dr Omaboe is very professional and compassionate.He takes the time to explain everything and offers different options. His prices reflect his qualifications, experience and knowledge. I will go back to... read more

    thumb Cecilia Brown

    5 star review  As dog lovers we have visited many clinics over the years. Since going to the Cabinet Veterinaire International we have found a completely different experience. Our dog remains very calm... read more

    thumb Michael Russ

    5 star review  I have been going to my cabinet veterinaire in mies for almost 2 years now, i have a dog and a cat i find them to be very clean, efficient... read more

    thumb Jacqueline Cardinale Minassian

    5 star review  I went to Dr. Omaboe with my cat for a condition that other veterinarians had not been able to diagnosed. Dr. Omaboe was able to identify the illness right away,... read more

    thumb June Dayle

    5 star review  After moving to the Geneva area with my family, I was recommended by friends from my daughter's school to go to the Cabinet Veterinaire International. It is a true relief... read more

    thumb Alessia Graff

    5 star review  While vacationing in Geneva our beloved dog became very ill Only one doctor - Dr. Omaboe of this hospital - was willing to see us after hours. ... read more

    thumb Mel Ho